Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sanguine Prophecy

I never thought I would start blogging, and especially not about bloodlines (even though there probably won't be a whole lot of posts about the game itself), but I have finally found the family I've been looking for. It took me 8 years but I finally have a clan that I truly feel are my family.

A lot of clans tend to call each other family, and I have done that in the past too, but I have come to realize it's usually just RP or people being fake. Finally I can actually say it with confidence and without any doubt; Sanguine Prophecy is where I belong.

We have clan parties every friday, sometimes themed ones, sometimes regular parties. We have our own club that we use for the most part, but sometimes we use other locations on clan land depending on the theme.

Are you looking for a family oriented clan? We welcome everyone with open arms, no matter where you come from or what you have been through. The only exception is people someone in our clan have had issues with before, then that would have to be solved first.
Anyway, we do not want any big bloodlines egos, we are here to have fun together, be silly and help each other out. No one is above anyone else in our clan, and the higher titles exist only so members knows who to ask for help if needed.

I'm truly happy with the Sanguine Prophecy family. This photo is only some of the awesome members, but we have so many more members that I am lucky enough to call my family. 

Want to visit us? 

- Zame Nezrulain


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